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Yes. All students go through a rigorous, vigilant and well-thought through screening process before being chosen for sponsorship.
It’s not a matter of preference, but rather, a deliberate and conscious choice. We choose to sponsor women as a means for empowerment in order to impact society at large. Furthermore, men tend to be favoured over women in less educated and underprivileged communities in the Middle East because they’re seen more as providers and can therefore help the family out financially once they complete their education and start working. Hopes is there to point out the fallacy in this way of reasoning and to aid in the balance of education and employment opportunities in refugee camps across the region.
For now we focus primarily on Jordan, but we have definite plans for expansion throughout the MEA region.

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Not having to worry about the cost of university allows me space to think about others rather than myself!
Gulfidan, Zarqa Refugee Camp.
My role doesn’t end when I finish university, on the contrary, I want to eradicate female illiteracy. I will be there supporting any woman who wants to achieve her dream!
Esraa, Marka Refugee Camp.
For five years I felt like I was dead and then rose back to life.
Eman, Gaza Refugee Camp.

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