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    • “Think & Grow Rich”
    • “A New Earth”
    • “How to Make Friends & Influence People”
    • “How to Stop Worrying & Start Living”
    • “The Power of Positive Thinking”
    • “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

Sponsor a Student with Hopes:

Approximately 2000 Jordanian Dinars [$2800 USD] helps pay for a woman’s full-time yearly Academic fees, including Tuition Fees, Books (50 JOD/Semester), Transportation (250/Semester). Tuition payments are made directly at the academic institution by Hopes, and the books plus transportation fees are distributed to the students. Donors can choose a woman to sponsor based on provided profiles, give anonymously, to the full amount of partial; all capabilities of contribution are encouraged!

Hopes for Women in Education reserves 5% of all donations to help fund overhead and administrative costs of our not-for-profit operations. This funding provides critical support for locally-based needs of our organization, including legal fees, accounting fees, travel, printing, and tech development. All staff work on a voluntary non-paid status, with the aim to invest monies towards helping fund under-privileged and needy women.

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Help a Young Women’s Future Today:

Bank Name: Bank of Jordan — Account Number: 001301.189029.3006
Account Name: Amaal for Training and Education for Young Women 
Swift Code: BOJRJOAX – Branch: Taj Mall, Amman, Jordan.


“Hopes has done great work in the local refugee community, and I would definitely recommend anyone looking to support a students future to donate and support Hopes!”
Khaled R., Donor
“Refugee Women are usually disadvantaged in their community because of their socio-economic situation, because of this, supporting these women through higher-education ensures they have the right tools and skills to pull them out of poverty.”
Im Sameer, Donor
“Hopes uses the model of ‘Teaching their students how to fish, rather than just giving them the fish’; by investing in their education we invest in their future.”
Jennifer, Donor.

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