Meet the Team

Hopes for Women in Education is run by dynamic, passionate and dedicated volunteers both locally in Amman, Jordan and globally, all with one thing in common, a desire to help make a difference in the lives of young refugee disadvantaged women through higher-education. 

Noora Sharrab

Regional Director

I VOLUNTEER because I believe that collectively we can make a great change in the lives of others!

Rawan Risheq

Deputy Director

I VOLUNTEER because as a displaced woman who was lucky to be educated, I want to help others become empowered.

Anton Demerjian


I VOLUNTEER because I believe there is no limit of good one can do. The more the better!

Osama Alshurafa

Marketing Consultant

I VOLUNTEER because my wife makes me. She’s 3 over to the left!

Ahmed Janim

Web Developer


Rawan Salhieh


I VOLUNTEER because I believe my self-worth is through giving!

Sully Hanif

Global Volunetter


Kareem Zalatimo



Sandhya Srinivasan

Researcher & Writer

I VOLUNTEER because I can! It gives me perspective and helps me learn new things and that’s what I hope for everyone.

Malaak Haj-Ahmad

Events Coordinator and Training Assistant

I VOLUNTEER to be able to someday give a louder, stronger voice to the people who need it most.

Dana Mehyar

Student Relations Liaison

I VOLUNTEER with Hopes because I think that it is a beautiful way to give back to community and to empower unprivileged women, which is something that we desperately need here.

Layla Anabtawi

Fundraising Coordinator – Toronto & Scholarship Officer

I VOLUNTEER because I believe we can be the change we want to see in this world.

Tamador Abusoud

Community Relations Liaison

I VOLUNTEER because I believe that the women in my community must be given the opportunity.

Safiah Salem

Community Relations Liaison

I VOLUNTEER because I believe Hopes will give a better future for the girls in my community. 

Sifat Reazi

Social Media Butterfly: Tumblr

I VOLUNTEER because Hopes recognizes that small steps & grassroots effort are often the most potent. I believe that changing an individual’s world will directly affect the globe.

Sawsan Malaka



Sawsan Halawa


I VOLUNTEER to show my understanding for the people I serve and the feeling that I can shape someone’s life for the better is unexplainable.

Mariam Darras


I VOLUNTEER with Hopes for Women in Education because I believe education empowers women.

Pradeep Kumar

Global Volunteer: Designer

I VOLUNTEER with Hopes for Women in Education because a little help at the right time can make a big difference in an individual’s life.

Teeb Assaf

Global Volunteer

I VOLUNTEER because everyone deserves a chance for one door to open.

Reem Aqel


I VOLUNTEER because I believe that you’ve never really lived until you’ve done something for someone who can never repay you.

Sarah Safadi

Student Relation Liaison

I VOLUNTEER because it helps me experience a whole new sense of purpose emerging from the happiness of others.

Ekaterina Balashevich

Social Media Coordinator

I VOLUNTEER because gives me a sense of a personal achievement & continuously teaches me something new about others & myself. 

Sawsan Bastawy


I VOLUNTEER because education is a basic right that is all too often ignored, and one that can help refugees recover & thrive.

Nora Berneis

Researcher & Writer

I VOLUNTEER because a relevant change towards an equal society can only find its roots in the power, willingness and consciousness of those on it’s bottom.

Dima Masri


I VOLUNTEER because I believe in the power and importance of education, especially that of women.




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